Our Story

WillsbyWaybridge.com was developed through several years of planning by its founder, Mary Alice Fleming. Alice has practiced as an estate planning attorney for the past twenty years, and until 2017, was the owner of Waybridge Law Group LLC, a boutique estate planning law firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota serving primarily high net worth clients. In 2017, Alice combined Waybridge Law Group with DeWitt LLP, where where she is a partner in the firm’s Trusts and Estates Practice. During her first ten years of practice, Alice practiced in a large law firm in Minneapolis, preparing complex estate plans for high net worth individuals. While complex estate and tax planning is important for clients with multifaceted estates, she took note of the vast majority of individuals and families who need only basic estate planning. These people are generally ignored by large law firms because “basic” estate plans are not considered lucrative enough to justify the time-cost factor involved in a large firm estate planning engagement.

When Alice opened Waybridge Law Group, she was determined to find a way to reach clients in a manner that would be efficient and cost effective for her firm, and simple and affordable for clients. WillsbyWaybridge.com is the result. Alice and her steadfast friend and office manager, Jamie McGee, designed a unique platform for a legal service system that makes the estate planning process simple, convenient and affordable – as it should be – for clients with basic estate planning needs.

WillsbyWaybridge.com allows you to walk through the estate planning process from beginning to end in the privacy of your own home, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional estate planning services.

WillsbyWaybridge.com removes the obstacles that prevent most people from completing their Wills – time, fear, inconvenience, and cost. Rather than making an appointment and driving to an attorney’s office, usually for two or more meetings, you can log on, learn about the estate planning process on the WillsbyWaybridge.com website, and complete and submit an estate planning questionnaire in a secure client portal. A licensed WillsbyWaybridge attorney will prepare your documents according to the information provided in your questionnaire, and mail your documents to you with signing and storage instructions.

WillsbyWaybridge.com enables you to complete the estate planning process without the cost, stress, and disruption to your schedule that the traditional estate planning process generally requires. WillsbyWaybridge.com is designed to provide an important legal service to people who need only a basic estate plan, who like the convenience and privacy of online services, who are tech savvy, cost conscience and believe a good, valid, and legally enforceable estate plan should not have to cost a small fortune.

We believe that WillsbyWaybridge.com is, by far, the best option for meeting your basic estate planning needs. We adhere to a “best practices” approach to our business, which includes providing you with excellently prepared and legally binding documents in your State of residence, at an affordable cost, and with the highest level of customer service, in a completely virtual environment.

WillsbyWaybridge.com addresses and removes the full spectrum of “obstacles” that have prevented you from completing your Will. And, importantly, we provide you with the assurance that your Will has been prepared and reviewed by an attorney licensed in your State. None of the online legal form companies can provide this guarantee to their customers because they are not engaged in the practice of law. WillsbyWaybridge.com provides the best avenue for all of these components to work together to meet your basic estate planning needs.