Limited Scope Legal Services

Is WillsbyWaybridge Right for You?

WillsbyWaybridge limited scope legal services are just what most people need, but may not be a good fit for some.

WillsbyWaybridge legal documents are designed for basic estate planning needs and may not be suitable for certain complex circumstances. If any complicating circumstances apply to your individual situation, a basic estate plan may not cover your legal needs. Do any of these factors apply to you?

  • You have substantial assets. If you have substantial assets (more than $3 million) there may be additional tax planning issues to be considered
  • You own a business, which is your major source of income, and it is a substantial asset
  • You are married and you or your spouse are not United States citizens
  • You have a child or other family member with special needs who will inherit from you
  • You own real estate in a state other than your state of residence

If your personal situation has complexities such as (but not limited to) those listed above that fall beyond the scope of the WillsbyWaybridge limited legal service offerings, you should obtain legal advice from a qualified attorney licensed in your state of residence. Minnesota residents may contact Mary Alice Fleming at DeWitt LLP for assistance with more complex estate planning matters.

Be advised that the fixed fee for the WillsbyWaybridge service does not apply to any services provided by DeWitt LLP. If you hire DeWitt LLP to provide estate planning services, fees will be charged at the firm’s regular billing rates and addressed in a separate representation agreement.