Our Advantage

WillsbyWaybridge.com is not a legal forms website.

WillsbyWaybridge.com is a virtual legal service owned and operated by an experienced estate planning attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In response to increasing requests from clients and professional advisors with whom we work, we set out to establish a method for offering limited scope legal services for basic estate planning matters to Minnesota residents. We will soon offer our limited scope legal services to residents of other states.

Popular legal forms websites are not law firms. They provide only do-it-yourself forms. They do not and cannot provide actual legal services when you purchase one of their forms.

WillsbyWaybridge.com provides you with virtual legal services combined with actual legal representation.

  • We are licensed practicing attorneys. WillsbyWaybridge attorneys stand behind and guarantee our work. Non-lawyer legal forms providers do not and cannot guarantee that the documents they provide are legally enforceable. In fact, they do just the opposite – they issue disclaimers against the legal enforceability of their documents, requiring their customers to sign an acknowledgement that they are using the legal forms at their own risk.
  • We maintain your confidentiality. WillsbyWaybridge attorneys must keep communications with clients confidential. We use the highest security protocols to ensure the privacy and security of your personal information and all communications.
  • We are bound by attorney ethics rules. WillsbyWaybridge attorneys must comply with all of the Professional Rules that apply to members of the state bar associations in the states where our limited scope legal services are offered. The services provided are regulated by state attorney ethics boards. Legal forms websites offered by non-lawyers are not regulated in any way.
  • We adhere to legal best practices guidelines. WillsbyWaybridge attorneys support and adhere to the American Bar Association’s “Best Practice Guidelines for Legal Information Web Site Providers”. These guidelines serve as a reference for how legal information websites should publish legal information for use by the general public in order to increase the reliability and quality of the legal information and services provided.

Compare the services offered by WillsbyWaybridge.com with a leading forms company

WillsbyWaybridge.com is different from a traditional law firm.

WillsbyWaybridge.com is a virtual legal service platform that offers a cutting-edge legal services tool, allowing clients with basic estate planning needs to implement their estate plans in an online environment.

  • WillsbyWaybridge.com is virtual. You don’t have to take time away from your work and family to come to our office, but you get the benefit of the same quality legal information you would receive if you visited our office. By providing virtual legal services, we are able to make the process simple, convenient and affordable for you. You can begin the estate planning process by completing the online questionnaire in the privacy of your own home at any time that is convenient for YOU.
  •  WillsbyWaybridge.com does not impose traditional legal fee structures. There are no hidden charges – just a reasonable fixed fee. You purchase only the legal products you need and pay when you are ready to proceed.

We use state-of-the-art technology coupled with personal attention to your documents. We use highly efficient state-of-the art technology to prepare your documents, which allows us to pass savings on to you. And, to ensure legal enforceability, we guarantee that the documents are prepared and reviewed by a licensed attorney who is qualified to provide legal advice in estate planning matters.

Guarantee Policy

WillsbyWaybridge LLC documents are guaranteed to be legally valid in your State of residence PROVIDED THAT you sign your documents according to the detailed signing instructions that are included with your documents. To ensure the legal validity of your documents, you must sign them according to the signing instructions provided with your documents. WillsbyWaybridge LLC is not responsible for and does not guarantee the legal validity of your documents if you fail to sign the documents according to the signing instructions provided with your documents, nor is WillsbyWaybridge LLC obligated to follow up with you to determine if you have signed the documents according to the signing instructions provided with your documents.

Your documents will be mailed to you by U.S. Mail within 10-15 business days from the date of purchase. Your documents will include instructions for signing them according to the laws of your State and for storing them. You can request a refund within 3 days of purchase for any reason and we will promptly issue your refund. When you receive your documents, if you are not completely satisfied with the documents, we will make our best efforts to correct the situation and work with you to ensure that your legal documents meet your needs and expectations. Because we have invested the time and labor to prepare your legal documents, we guarantee only dissatisfaction issues caused by WillsbyWaybridge. After 3 days from the date of purchase, we are unable to provide refunds based on your change of mind or change of circumstances.