Why Us

WillsbyWaybridge.com is a virtual legal service owned and
operated by Mary Alice Fleming, Esq., an estate planning attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a partner at DeWitt LLP. Virtual legal services are delivered in an online environment rather than within our law firm’s physical office. This results in savings for our clients who:

  • Need basic estate planning documents
  • Like the convenience and privacy of online services
  • Want the certainty of actual legal representation instead of the uncertainty of non-lawyer forms
  • Are cost conscious and believe a well-prepared, legally enforceable estate plan should not have to cost a small fortune

This innovative approach to legal services gives you the best of both worlds – a legally enforceable estate plan prepared by a licensed attorney at the lowest possible cost.

Through the limited scope legal services provided by WillsbyWaybridge.com, lawyers do for you what only licensed lawyers can do, at a cost you can afford. The lawyers prepare the legal documents you select and pay for and no more.

Through the WillsbyWaybridge.com website, you enter into a Limited Services Legal Representation Agreement which specifies the scope of representation for a fixed price.

The products we offer under our limited scope legal services platform are:

  • Core Estate Planning Package for Married Couple: Wills, Financial Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Directives for a married couple
  • Core Estate Planning Package for Unmarried Person: Will, Financial Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directive for an unmarried person
  • Power of Attorney Package: Financial Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive for married or unmarried person
  • Individual Will for married or unmarried person
  • Individual Financial Power of Attorney
  • Individual Health Care Directive