Did You Know?

ESTATE PLANNING FOR YOUNG ADULTS. Parents, DID YOU KNOW that when your son or daughter turns 18 you lose all rights and decision-making authority over his or her health and financial matters?  If you have a young adult child moving away to start college or a job (or still living in your basement…), give your child and yourself the gift of a Health Care Directive and Power of Attorney. In these documents, your child can name you as his or her agent for health and financial matters which will give you full decision-making rights, as well as the ability to access the child’s medical and financial records.  Learn More

PET TRUSTS. Minnesota pet owners, DID YOU KNOW that we now have a way to thoughtfully and strategically plan for our pets, to ensure that they will receive loving care when we become unable to care for them?  Minnesota was the last of the fifty states to adopt a pet trust law. In 2016, the Minnesota legislature adopted Minnesota Statutes Section 501C.0408, titled “Trust for Care of Animal.” The new law enables a pet owner to create a trust to provide for the pet’s care after the owner’s death or during a period of disability.  Learn More