What is WillsbyWaybridge

WillsbyWaybridge.com is a virtual legal service owned and
operated as a sister company to Waybridge Law Group LLC,  an estate planning law firm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Virtual legal services are delivered in on online environment rather than within our law firm’s physical office. This results in savings for our clients who:

  • Need basic estate planning documents
  • Like the convenience and privacy of online services
  • Want the certainty of actual legal representation instead of the uncertainty of non-lawyer alternatives
  • Are cost conscious and believe an excellent, legally enforceable estate plan should not have to cost a small fortune

This innovative approach to legal services gives you the best of both worlds – a legally enforceable basic estate plan prepared by a licensed attorney at the lowest possible cost.

Through the limited scope legal services provided by WillsbyWaybridge.com, lawyers do for you what only licensed lawyers can do, at a cost you can afford. The lawyers prepare the legal documents you pay for and no more.

Through the WillsbyWaybridge.com website, you enter into a Limited Services Legal Representation Agreement which specifies the scope of representation for a fixed price.

The products we offer under our limited scope legal services platform are:

  • Core Estate Planning Package for Married Couple: Basic Wills, Financial Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Directives for a married couple
  • Core Estate Planning Package for Unmarried Person: Basic Will, Financial Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directive for an unmarried person
  • Power of Attorney Package: Financial Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive for married or unmarried person
  • Individual Basic Will for married or unmarried person
  • Individual Financial Power of Attorney
  • Individual Health Care Directive